My 2017-2018 wedding season has been amazing!

I have so loved working with all my lovely couples. I am so lucky with the work that I do and the beautiful people I get to work with. I always seem to attract such warm and genuine people.

The weddings have been EPIC too! I’ve seen groom arrive by helicopters, fireworks, pet friendly days, surprises, beautiful light, many tears – like real heart throbbing tears and real love!

My wedding sessions generally start around September/October and finish up around April/May.

As the colder months come in Adelaide, we tend to hibernate and wait for the warmth to come back!!! I’m already starting to feel that cold, we’ve got our fire going and I’m starting to plan projects for the winter time.

While there are few weddings, winter time is actually a beautiful time of year for portrait sessions. The light is lovely, there is lots of mood in the photos and it’s a really good excuse to cuddle up close with your family for some heart warming images.

And so thats a wrap for the 2017-2018 season but I am excited for the upcoming 2018-2019 season and what portrait session bring during the cooler months 😀